Jessica Hadfield


Jessica Hadfield’s practice focuses on natural occurrences found with combining chosen materials. The works reflect journeys along rural landscape, using memory rather than representations of areas visited. Collecting materials from these journeys and mixing them with unnatural, toxic paints, and engulfing these found substances into a conversed artificial and corrupt temperament, questions our impact on the environment and reflects on the tenuous state in which nature balances. This is also explored through the imbuement of free-flowing materials conforming to the geometric shapes of the works.

Hadfield’s works are both enduring and fragile as a sense of time and history is created. The surface is constantly transforming, changing with the act of applying and removing aspects of the materials, building up to describe the topography of a certain landscape. The works are constantly in a crude state, never truly being finished. As linked with nature, the process can be forever on-going.


Fine Art Students 2017

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