James Snelling


James Snelling lives in a matryoshka doll of micro-utopias, fantasy, and object-centric physical world building. Snelling’s multi-disciplinary practice explores a lifelong maintenance of the façade of perceived immortality that surrounds his world, and a fascination with its uncanny breaches: anomalies of time and space, and the blurring of fact and fiction, framed and transmuted by the clutter of the everyday.

All of Snelling’s work is generated by curiosity, a constant of which is an engagement with presentation. This presentational dialogue encompasses both mechanics and semantics, with pieces seeking to separate the monumental from the spectacular. Snelling’s restoration background has been a catalyst for investigation of the complexities of surface, as well as grounding pieces in the architectural.

The most potent sculptural material of Snelling’s practice is connectivity; the artist uses acquaintance, coincidence and anecdote to place himself within a fantastical life narrative, a node of a boundless, timeless network.


Fine Art Students 2017

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