Hannah Carpenter


Hannah Carpenter’s practice focuses on the exposure of decay and death. With this theme Hannah creates installations that include flora and foliage. The installations present the inevitable journey and change of the selected medium, in which the flora will slowly dry and preserve themselves naturally within a large mass. The installations also involves the principal of perception, concerning the same form gradually changing over a period of time, turning from vivid and luscious to withered and deepening in colour. Coexisting with the perception is the change in atmosphere from an erotic and sensual state to a dark, haunting and fragile final form. The selected flowers that are used are connected to that of funerals, sympathy flowers such as lilies and carnations. The flowers themselves as well as their final state all relate to death.

The installations challenges the views of its audience by glorifying something that would be classed as no longer beautiful, and associate the installation with death. Here the viewer can emotionally connect to the work with their personal experiences and thoughts towards death.


Fine Art Students 2017

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