Ellie Brine


Ellie Brine’s practice is about breaking the boundaries of painting: exploring pigment, scale, layers and texture. Brine works with a narrow tonal range of pinks and purples; in colour psychology these are positive shades representing comfort, affection and harmony – sometimes the artist consciously uses a pop of non-complementary colour to create an awkwardly interesting layer to the large-scale, abstract paintings.

To contrast textures, Brine uses different types of household material from gloss paint to multi-purpose filler, also experimenting with different specialised acrylic mediums to alter the characteristics of traditional acrylic paint such as gloss medium, heavy body medium, and fine pumice. Layering is a key part of Brine’s work; most of the pieces begin with a layer of gestural brushstrokes, followed by systematic drips, and finally a layer of texture. The different characteristics of each layer create the depth in the work.



Fine Art Students 2017

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