Binks Mooney



Binks Mooney enjoys exploring man, and trying to fill his many holes. He looks in particular at those vacuous unbridgeable holes between phenomena: man and n ature … m ale and fe male. The outcome of trying to fill these gaps is not a unification, but rather an inspired refracted response of one from the other.

In the botanical dictionary, a -nastic response is one ‘caused by an external stimulus (but unaffected in direction by it).’ And we know t rans- to mean a gap (ie. across phenomena). So Binks refers to this refracted effect as TRANSKNASTY (a transknastic response). Fast becoming an umbrella term for his cast of knasty characters, a series of part-video part-interactive live performances is emerging in which he tries to re-engage audiences lost in the ironic wit pit of postmodernism.

Fine Art Students 2017

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