Anna-Louise Macfarlane

Annamacfarlane01Anna-Louise Macfarlane has discovered through digital means the formula to the perfect Instagram feed; a strategic set of instructions on how to be ‘Insta-Famous’. Through analysing popular profiles, hashtags and themes, she has created her own perfected Instagram feed under the persona of Deli_aah.

This profile emulates the typical ‘blogger’ aesthetic, giving an impression to the public of a perfected ‘white’ lifestyle, which is very rarely the life the user is living. Macfarlane examines this popular ‘cat-fishing’ effect in today’s social media and whether projecting an unachievable and enviable lifestyle online can have destructive consequences. A theme of sexualisation appears which Macfarlane plays upon within her own practice, and she examines in detail the exposure of young women in online communities. Do we only wish to see the perfected images of a curated life or should we look for the truth behind the Instagram photo?


Fine Art Students 2017

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