Amy Sutters


By offsetting expectations of space Amy Sutters creates disconcerting scenes that reflect upon how places are occupied. She questions the way a place is constructed and inhabited that references the architecture as well as the characteristics of that space, including the social elements and objects that are contained within its boundaries but also items that are thematically attached to it. Her work balances on the threshold of the familiar and foreign to create artworks that explore the uncanny.

Sutters causes a disruption through her practice by emphasising and playing up to an environment, aiming to cause a discomfort and uneasiness in the audience by subtly distorting aspects of reality. By making interventions throughout her work, Sutters toys with the idea of recontextualising by adapting the characteristics of a space. She explores the significance of architecture and design in relation to the representation of a cultural and social identity. This depiction of a specific taste is supported by research into capitalism, the ‘ideal’ and desire, which is weighted with topics such as alienation and routine.

Fine Art Students 2017

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