Alice Leon

Aliceleon02The multidimensionality of language is something Alice Leon has always found inexplicably interesting; the potential to produce something creative without the inclusion of original words is central to her practice. Exploring unconventional methods to produce text, she challenges and revises traditional definitions of writing and literary methods. Recognising the abundance of written materials, existing text is utilised to demonstrate how changing context, concept and form generates new narratives and reading experiences. Collecting and appropriating language that exists within the everyday world, such as speech, signs, graffiti, newspapers, social media, Leon recontextualises found material creating different literary forms and structures which challenge readability and lucidity. Investigating alternate perceptions of familiar and ordinary language, Leon stimulates awareness of the literary opportunities embedded within society and the quotidian. Ultimately emphasising the power of language, Leon’s practice blends and blurs the distinctions between art, literature and life.


Fine Art Students 2017

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